Why Should I remodel?

Remodeling your home looks like many things. You could be tired of your tiny shower, you could have dying appliances, or you could still be standing on 50 year old linoleum flooring and finally decide to do something about it. Longacre Construction specializes in completely customizing your layout and materials to fit your desired aesthetic as well as functionality. A remodeled bathroom adds safety and usable space for those who want to stay in their forever home. A remodeled kitchen can cut down (or increase) your time spent making dinner. A brand new patio built could increase your outside living space. A remodeled home makes life comfortable for you because it's designed for you.

In addition, have you thought about the long-term value of your home? Remodeling can not only add to the life span of your home but a remodeled home could increase the value of your home. In the latest studies of the Cost vs. Value Report, homeowners who remodel their home and get it re-assessed saw about a 50% increase in the overall value of their property. Of course we want you to love your home so much, you never want to move, but buyers could also gain value from an upgrading remodel.

Could some projects hold more value than others?

Projects that hold more recouped value than others are projects like midrange to high ranged bathroom remodel, manufactured stone veneer siding replacement, deck addition, master suite remodels, master kitchen remodels, and garage remodels all recoup values above 60%- 90%. But to us, the remodels that hold the most value are the ones that are lived in and loved for decades by the person who customizes the design.

What services does Longacre Construction offer?

You will hear us talk about a “heart of the home” remodel. This is when a kitchen remodel grows into the dining room, hall, bar area, and possibly living room. We love upgraded clients “heart of the home” because it truly shifts the home by upgrading high traffic and entertaining areas. Longacre Construction specialises in remodeling that adds value to the home, not just financially, but sentimentally, and completely customizing for decades of longevity. Longacre Construction has been adding 20 years of use to homes all across Denton, Lewisville, Highland Village, Coppell, Addison, Carrollton, and Argyle for 30+ years.

  Remodeling Services:

  • General Contractor
  • Whole Home Remodeling
  • Manufactured Stone Veneer Siding
  • Cardinal Patios
  • Master Suites
  • Master Bathrooms
  • Midrange to High-end Kitchens
  • Entella Smart Home
  • Garage Remodeling
  • Custom Projects
  • Entertainment Rooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Backyards
  • Pools
  • Roofs and Attics

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